Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Genealogy Do-Over "restart"

It's time to restart my restart!

As I described in my last post, I needed to postpone my Genealogy Do-Over, as other activities have had to take priority recently.  However, I'm now back again - and, amazingly, back before the repeat of the scheduled Do-Over week that I had paused at.  So that gives me a bit of time to refresh my memory of what I had been doing (seems to be an increasingly necessary task these days!)

There has still been some - almost unintentional - progress on the Do-Over topics in the interim.  I have bought a new laptop, as the start up of my previous one would have been beaten by a snail doing a marathon.  Unlike previous occasions when I have changed computers, this time I do not intend to just transfer everything across in one go, thus maintaining (and perhaps being limited by) the old file structure.  Instead,  I will take the opportunity to redesign my filing system - which was one of my aims for the Do-Over.  Since I am keeping the old laptop to use whenever I run a stand for the Guild of One-Name Studies at a family history fair, the new laptop has also been a good opportunity to purchase full and/or up-to-date versions of the programs I'm going to be using from now on, such as Legacy and Evidentia.

So the next couple of weeks will be a steep learning curve, as I start to get to grips with these properly, as well as continue trying to build the use of programs such as OneNote and Evernote into my routine, in order to maintain a good system to my research files and the Parry data collection, in particular.  Thankfully, many of the programs have active User Groups, which I imagine I shall be making frequent use of!


  1. Since you use Legacy, I hope you have considered Clooz as your "front end" research and analysis support program. You are able to completely process a document in Clooz to be sure that you have squeezed every tidbit of information from the document's contents, and now have the totality of that data in a searchable database that is DOCUMENT based. As you link the contents of each document to those individuals referenced therein, you are building your unique Composite View, from where when future research dictates, you can see with one click every scrap of information that you have processed for each individual, including the images. The Composite View goes 5 levels deep, providing incredible insight into how various individuals relate to each other. As you conclude processing of each document in Clooz, you can then seamlessly transfer all of that information into your Legacy file to take advantage of all the great capabilities of that people based family tree program. I am distressed that I simply don't have the time at the moment to devote to my own much needed "do over" after all these decades of collecting information. As so many of us have silently wished.... some day.

    1. Hello Joe, thanks for your comment. I did have a quick look at the Clooz site recently, after seeing Dick Eastman’s post about it linking with Legacy (at
      http://blog.eogn.com/2015/04/18/updated-clooz-software-now-interfaces-with-legacy-family-tree/ ) but didn’t have time to investigate further.

      I first came across Clooz some years ago, when it was mentioned (along with Custodian) as a program suitable for all the “unrelated” information we one-namers collect. Time’s moved on and I currently tend to use excel spreadsheets for a lot of my data but, with the Do-Over, I am obviously interested in looking at the various programs available now. Can you tell me how Clooz might fit with the use of a program such as Evidentia, which is also document based? Is there likely to be a lot of duplication in what they record, or would they complement each other?